A brief introduction into Vibook

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The book revolution started from the moment the internet and technology propitiated the compression of physical knowledge, known as a book, into digital. The emergence of ebooks has come to stay and has been gaining more and more popularity.

Although, there are still people who prefer the old and traditional physical books, because there is still a large market involving physical books. The important thing is the sharing of knowledge, be it physical or digital, through the internet this can be done and explored.

In the same way, the cryptocurrencies have come to stay and increasingly the market tends to grow, with the emergence of new cryptocurrencies and the increase of market capitalization. How about joining promoting knowledge through blockchain technology? Meet the ViBook!

What is Vibook?

The Vibook platform is a social network of knowledge sharing powered by the blockchain, which connects, socially; readers, critics, authors, academics and service providers.

Vibook still focuses on a cohesive and engaging user experience. The platform is a resource for knowledge seekers to unite and create an organized and infallible outlet that transforms the publishing industry and readership while interacting with each other using Blockchain technology.

The Platform

The platform is an accessible creative ecosystem that encourages its users in proportion to their contribution through smart contracts. Promoting security against copying and the possibility of automatic self-registration and time stamp.

Develop and implement a web and mobile social network with a focus on dissemination, promotion, provision and intermediation of editorial services.

– Provide a secure library for academic environment;

– Promote greater copyright protection;

– Increase the exchange between authors and markets;

– Promote and disseminate authorial marketing

– To enable the collaborative financing of works through the voting system implemented;

Vibook Features

Vibook aims to provide a simple online reading environment, books will be available only for reading by the web application, with no download option to avoid problems with piracy.

In the mobile application it will be possible to read the requested book even if it is offline, if the user at the time of purchase or rent select it and make it available for offline reading

Vibook will offer, in the web and mobile environment, with e-commerce support, a broad mix of services focused on the literary and editorial market, as well as creating a great communication and dissemination channel, bringing readers and divulging their construction.

Gamification System

Geobook — Geolocation exchanges

Book Exchange

Print on demand

P2P solutions:

B2P Solutions:

Vibook for shopkeepers

Vibook payment:


The roadmap consists of steps related to the years 2019 through 2021. Containing information from the launch of Vibook to the launch of Vibook platform and prepaid cards. They are working hard to meet all pre-set goals, according to the roadmap.


O time da vibook é composto por 13 pessoas especializadas nas áreas de Blockchain, Marketing, Social media e relação de negócios. Além de 2 advisors, para ajudar a promover a moeda. Essa grande equipe está disponivel 24 horas para ajudar a comunidade a tirar suas duvidas nas redes sociais. 

Coin Specifications

ViBook is 100% open source, with PoS (Proof of Stake) mining, based on the Quark algorithm with a maximum supply of 8 billions coins. Structured in a robust network with masternodes.

Official Links

🌐 Website: https://vibook.io/
🖥️ Github: https://github.com/VibookCoin
 Explorer: —


🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/vibookchain
✈️ Telegram: https://t.co/AMxV6uAnIe
👾 Discord: https://t.co/XBcBcPhvWy


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