Selectable currency: BTC
ROI%: One of the factors to take into account, is the annual return of masternode investment.
Nodes: It is the amount of masternodes that the selected cryptocurrency network has.
MN Worth: : Here is the current value of the masternode, of course based on the last negotiated price.
Marketcap: Value of the general offer in its last negotiated price.
Price: Last currency negotiated, the estimated time is 3 Minutes.
ChangePrice: This is the price of each coin for 24 hours.
Volume: Here you can see all the coins traded in the last 24hrs.
How do I get ready? : It is simple at the moment the service is manually done, which gives us time to analyze each currency before being listed, the contact form is filling the form and discord!
What approximate time does the list of the currency carry ?: We estimate a period of 24 hours.